“Jazzdrieluik Hillegersbroek Schieberg”

“Jazzdrieluik (Triptych) Hillegersbroek Schieberg” is a series of three concerts in which I shed a musical light on some of the history of Hillegersberg-Schiebroek, the submunicipality of the city of Rotterdam where I have been residing the past 20 years. Together with percussionist Jimmi Hueting, electronic composer and soundscape designer René Uijlenhoet, acclaimed church organ player Hayo Boerema, pianist Loran Witteveen, and singers Niels Berentsen, Meric Calisan (TU), and Xiaoman Chan (CHIN), I will design three different concert programs to be performed in three churches which I consider architectonic and historic landmarks of Rotterdam. Each of the three concerts will feature music from the times the construction of the actual churches was finished, as sources for contemporary arrangements and as vehicles for jazz improvisations.

The dates are July 5 (Hillegondakerk, finished around 1400), 6 (Goede Herderkerk, finished in 1958), and 7 (Fonteinkerk, finished in 2016), which also means that my “Triptych” also has a connection to the fringe festival Northsea Round Town that spices up the Rotterdam region between June 27th an July 14th.

I am looking forward to welcome both the residents of my submunicipality, those of greater Rotterdam at these concerts, actually all of you visiting my website and reading this post right now! The music will contain a unique combo of music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Messiaen, Miles Davis, Turkish Folk, soundscapes, Chinese Folk, all of hese given a welcoming reception in jazz.

Good feelings after our first meeting 17th of April

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